This is a custom 3 attire pack for HBK with his bald 2019 look. Includes Summerslam '02, WrestleMania 32, and Armageddon '03 attires.

Credit for skin textures to ALCLegacy.
Credit for WrestleMania 32 attire to AznBlusuazn.
Summerslam and Armageddon attires/model ported straight from 2K15.

I basically just removed the hair and injected ALC's textures, didn't need to change much of anything other than adding tights back to the WM32 attire as Azn just blacked out part of the legs; also updated the t-shirt to his most recent one.

Added a custom ring attire for WrestleMania 32 with added wrist tape and lower waisted pants (the skin on the stomach showed with the other ones because the tights weren't high enough).

Credit to chargerfan07199 for the pants texture on this version

Real life render added.

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