Frequently Asked Questions

I'm getting an Error, how does this website work?

PWmods is mounted with Steam's API for the foundation of the site, this means that we do not store any private information from the end users, except your public display name, avatar and games. This often causes confusion when the user is presented with an Error on a mod page - don't worry, this is common. The video above illustrates that you will need to make your games list public and sync it with PWmods, this in return allows the website to determine whether you're eligible to download a specific mod. However this will not always be the case, as members have the power of allowing their mods be downloaded regardless of any authentication. You are free to turn your Steam games list private again, once it has sync with PWmods.

How do I get unbanned?

Join the PWmods' Discord and have a private message with one of the staff to make an appeal

Why can't I download certain mods?

PWmods sign-in system via the Steam Web API is in place as a way to discourage piracy. However, content creators have the ability to mark their content as available to non-Steam owners of the game should they wish to do so. If you do not own the game in question and you download content that has been marked as available to you, you do so at your own risk. PWmods does not take any responsibility or liability, so far as legally possible, for any damages or legal troubles you may find yourself in.

How do I sync my profile?

From your Account Settings, click the sync button at the very bottom of the page - this will take a moment to process.

Can I download mods for XXX Game, when I only own XXX Game?

Unfortunately not, this again like above is a way that PWmods attempts to curb illegal activity, thus keeping the platform open from any potential legality issues with 2K.

Can I use the site as a guest - is a Steam account required?

No, as mentioned above PWmods is mounted with Steam's API and will need a valid Steam account.