Survivor Series Wargames designs concept by Coast 2 Coast and imported by me on #WWE2K22 PC ! 

 Thanks Reality and Shoggoth for they help about graphics, assets,  designs....

!!!!!! WARNING !!!!!  Inside you have :
- Baked file contains the mods
- Few screens ( you need to read each screens and make it yourself 2 files : ArenaData, StageHavokData. Then after make it like the screens place them in their location in the baked folder; look at the other screens named "where is the file" to see their location.
OPEN ALL SCREENS for advise !
Locations :    ArenaData -->  Arena/......
StageHavokData ---> Havok/StageHavokNS/StageHavokData/.....
For finish baked the file named baked with caketools .

WARNING 2 : for no problems put all arena in the same baked file and CHECK your baked files . You need 1 and ONLY "ArenaData File" , "StageHavokData" and "LightColorSetting" !

For help or any questions, add me on discord : Rev'#7495
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  • Upload Date: March 7, 2023, 7:22 pm
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