Hi, This mod fixes the issue of Asuka's mask not showing up in alternate attire entrances. By default, the mask is a hidden prop which is only programmed to show up with her default attire only.  This mod will enable the mask show up with 3 alternate attires The 2k17 mask in the pack will be used for the first Asuka alternate attire used . The 2k19 mask will show up with the other two Alternate attires. Instructions : Download , unzip and place the 2k17 mask prop file and evt_data file in the appropriate folders. Rebuild the def file.
  • Total Views: 1464 (1335 total unique)
  • Game: WWE 2K19
  • Category: ANIMATION
  • Steam Required: Yes
  • Upload Date: 2019/05/09
  • Downloads: 150
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