Updated  : 

1.0 :
- ramp glitch fixed 
- legend titantron expanded
- no more raw titantron glitched with superstar titantron
- new gfx and light color changed
( file concerned : pac/arena/entrance | pac/mov/ar_wall & bg_wall [ pac/misc/parameter/light )

0.1 |0 .2 
- added new smackdown titantron logo by AlreadyDid ; need to copy paste pac/mov/bg_wall file into your game
- fixed gfx on the bar metal ; need to copy past pac/arena/arentrance into your game
ramp fixed , you need to copy past the file from pac/arena/arentrance

Welcome to Smackdown 2021 

Thanks See Fusion & Titavius for the graphics of Smackdown
Thanks Matt for help me
Thanks SilverPlaqueVI for the titantron

Replace each file in your game folder.
However, make attention to the "warning" file,  you have to do the replacement manually for the good functioning of your game and the good of all.

Updates may take place in the future
do not hesitate to come back to this page
the updates will be noted
However, if you have a problem
Contact me on the 2KM discord: Rev '# 7495
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