This tool can be useful for ripping audio from Playstation and PS2 Wrestling Games. It automatically converts the .YAF files (Or other extensions) to .WAV files.

Note: IF YOU CONVERT MULTIPLE SOUNDS AT ONCE, There's a bug when converting audio files and the audio doesn't complete (These files will be "1KB" in the folder you converted them to and have no sound)
This usually happens when converting about 300+ files at once. Simply exit the program, select the file again, and then convert starting where the last successful file was converted
(For example if "COMMEN_E_02498.wav" has 177 KB but "COMMEN_E_02499.wav" and onward has "1KB" then delete all of those 1KB files and convert again starting at "COMMEN_E_02499.wav"

Files convert SUPER QUICKLY so this small hasle is annoying but works. (Each Commentary ".YAF" files have over 2000 commentary lines even on Playstation 1 games.)

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