This is a set  modded ring announcer file with additional call names added using theID's for removed 2k20 Superstars,
including call names for planned 2k22 stars which were removed from the game.
(Please see details of the ring announcer data added on the included jpeg screenshot)
This also has ring announcer audio assigned to the ID's for the removed 2k20 characters
which are linked to the crowd chants and taunts the developers implemented for selected superstars.

If you are using the ring announcer and commentary ID's for these superstar slots,
you will notice there is no name announcement. With the modded files , the audio data  from 2k20 have been reassigned to the ID.

HOW TO USE.Thie mod contains 3 files,:
The ra_1.pck file which contains the audio sounds and their ID's.
The ra.pck file which contains the event ID's the game reads which tell it what sounds to play in the ra_1.pck file.
A copy of the customdata.xml file updated with the index list for the added call names (Credit to iTwistedSpartan)
Place both ra files in the WWE2K22 / sound folder. Do not place in your baked the customdata.xml file in the Sound Editor 2022 folder.
To use this mod, the ra_1.pck file has to be replaced.
This will mean having top re-add your custom ring announcements or title belt call names.
It is advisable to first backup both files (ra-1.pck and ra.pck) your sound folder and try this to see
if the announcement works if using the ring announcer ID's for the crowd chants.
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