The THREE COUNT COWGIRL has come to WWE 2K23!!

Complete with moveset, and attire straight from the model, and entrance videos upscaled from the game for main tron and others, including her entrance music from Rumble Roses XX, customized by myself.
The only things you need to do is place her in your own slot.

  • META 2 (
  • GFX Template by BlindedByTheGrace via PWMods Discord's #graphics-modding channel's pinned posts
  • Character Placeholder by BlindedByTheGrace¬†via PWMods Discord (A must since her height and weight is different than in-game superstars)
  • Sound Editor by TheVisitorX (for her entrance music), which you can get in the Smacktalks forum
  • SDB Editor (comes with Caketools or META 2) to add in her name

Any questions or concerns can be left here in the comments or on my twitter, @fredjfrancis.

Thanks again!

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