This mod is created by STi.

If you want to showcase this mod please link my youtube channel and 2kmodz profile:
Huge thanks to the jimmycrane1986 for his amazing work with custom calls.
Huge thanks to the Mark/Rampage for labeling 2k20 .wem files.
Things that included in this mod:

1- Complete port of Greg Hamilton's lines from WWE 2K20 except some caw announce lines. (They'll be done in future updates)

2- Some of 2K20's superstar calls ported over unused slots of 2K19. If you install these superstars, you can play with them with Greg Hamilton announcing them:
*Keith Lee
*Matt Riddle
*Tommaso Ciampa
*Mark Henry
*Hulk Hogan
*Nikki Cross

3- Custom calls for modded superstars. If you install these superstar mods, you can play with them with Greg Hamilton announcing them.
*CM Punk
*Dude Love
*Mick Foley
*Wade Barrett

4- Custom and Extra calls From 2K20:
You can find the custom calls and the original calls from 2k20 that doesn't part of the mod in the main mod folder. You can inject them to the slot of your choice with the Sound Editor.

Possible Bugs:
1- Some lines are showing as replaced in my sound editor but they still can be JoJo. With your feedbacks i will fix them in future updates.

Update Log:

September 4th, 2020

patch_20_dialogue.pck added. This is the .pck file that only contains one of the missing lines which is "Is an Elimination Tornado Tag Team Match".

September 28th, 2020

character_ss10_m.pck updated. Added the missing "Accompanied by ...", "And ..." and "... has been eliminated" lines.
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  • Upload Date: September 3, 2020, 2:48 am
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